I'm Tom Bronson. 

Here is why you want to know me if you are a business owner: 

  • I've been in your shoes. I have bought, ran, grown and then sold over 100 businesses in my career. 
  • I know a lot about business - how value works, how growth works - and I've made EVERY mistake and lived to tell you about it.
  • I want you to succeed. Ask me about Servant Leadership. 
  • One of my superpowers is accountability. My past executive teams, clients, employees and MasterYclass participants can all provide witness to my powers of making you do the stuff you know you should be doing. 

Join our MasterYclass. Watch your business grow and watch yourself have a blast running your business. 

Still Not Sure About Me? 

Here are some ways you can get to know me better. If you want to talk to see if this is what you need, call me at 817.797.1488. I will tell you in less than 15 minutes if I can help. Reach out! 

A podcast for business owners who are passionate about building long term, sustainable value in their businesses - and ultimately transitioning on their terms.


Check out the Maximize Business Value Youtube Channel. Here is a playlist of webinars we've presented to help business owners improve business value. 


This book provides the road map business owners need to build massive value and start moving toward a successful transition. Get started down the path today. 

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